Ultrasound thermal paper Toggle

STP-110 series

Synthetic thermal paper for video graphic printer.
It is designed high glossy and printability, show also good durability and resolution.

The structure of STP series
thermal paper for medical systems.

Product size
Grade Size Sony Mitsubishi
STP-110HG : High Glossy / 110mm * 18m / UPP-110HG(SONY) / K91HG, KP91HG(MITSUBISHI)
STP-110HD : High Density Grade / 110mm * 20m / UPP-110HD(SONY) / K65HM, KP65HM(MITSUBISHI)
STP-110S : Standard / 110mm * 20m / UPP-110S(SONY) / K61S, KP61S(MITSUBISHI)

Core Size : 12mm (internal diameter) / 16mm (external diameter)

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