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User Manual

* When using our product with printers:
Be careful to avoid getting fingerprints or perspiration on the surface of the paper. Remove the label from the leading edge of the paper and place in to the printer after pulling the paper out by 15 to 20 cm.

Appication Guide

Printing carefully without contamination such as dirt or fingerprint.
ㆍFor good resolution, control the contrast or brightness of printer if you need

ㆍStorage Condition : -20℃ ~ +40℃ / 10 ~ 90% RH Please store the product in a dark location where the temperature is less than 30℃. ?Avoid storing the paper in locations that are exposed to; high humidity, high concentrations of dust, direct sunlight or room light. ?The product should be kept from coming in to contact with volatile organic solvents such as alcohol, cellophane tape, and vinyl chloride.

* When storing our product:
Place prints in a bag made of clay-free paper or polypropylene and store in a dark location with a temperature less than 30℃. When affixing prints, use double-sided tape or aqueous paste. Do not stack prints together with copies made on a wet process copier. Also, do not stack prints with printed surfaces turned face to face.

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