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Our products provide great image detail and resolution, making it ideal for ultrasound.  
Ultrasound thermal paper
   ● Jumbo roll                 ● STP-110 series
Our products have ISO9001 certificatio and patent on production of thermal paper. 
Health and environmental friendly – BPA-free and Fluorescence-free.
3 types of ultrasound paper rolls (STP-110S, STP-110HD, STP-110HG) perfectly fit for Sony and Mitsubishi printer.
With our high quality of technology and competitive price, we offer more profits for our customers. 
We offer the ultrasound thermal paper for Ultrasound printers which show images ultrasound.
Video images from an ultrasound machine are passed to special printers(Mitsubishi ultrasound printer and the Sony ultrasound printer).
Then printers require the thermal ultrasound paper.
Ultrasound paper is thermal paper, and is coated with an ink compound that you cannot see, and when heat is applied to it, an image will appear.
To get the ultrasound paper to display the image, the printer instructs the tiny print head element to apply precise amounts of heat to cause a reaction that creates a dark image.
Thenm images ultrasound are printed black and white on the ultrasound thermal papers. 
There are 3 types of thermal paper rolls that we offer for a variety of applications.
STP-110HG  High Glossy type – coated with glossy layer so that images on paper can last for a long time.
STP-110HD  High Density type – very sensitive for heat so that photos can be developed more clearly. 
STP-110S  Standard type with less expensive price.
Strong Points
ㆍ Hight Density
ㆍ Good resolution and printability
ㆍ Good durability
ㆍ Universal media for both Sony and Mitsubishi printer
All the products we have are BPA-free and Fluorescence-free.
* Video printer 
Sony Printer Models Mitsubishi Printer Models
UP-850 UP-880           P-70
UP-870MD   UP-890MD      P-90
UP-D895    UP-895MD         P-91
UP-D897    UP-897MD