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Neuchem Co., Ltd. provides international trade and distribution services for a wide range of products, including steel, paper, and basic commodities.  
Neuchem Corporation’s first and highest aim, from its conception, is to focus on the export and manufacture of high quality Ultrasound medical thermal imaging paper. We constantly strive to become the leading, officially authorized dealer of ultrasound thermal paper in the world. We are diversifying our sales markets and the products we trade. 
We prioritize offering the best competitive price we can for our customers, expedient delivery and reliable quality so as to maximize our customers’ profits and satisfaction. 
To our worldwide business partners, Neuchem pledges to be tireless in continuously improving the quality of both our products and services.
We currently serve distributors and suppliers of medical supplies in North and South America, West and Eastern Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and Far East Asia
Neuchem Co., Ltd. will aim to continue developing a world-wide network of medical suppliers so as to work well with our counterparts, establish further exchanges and expand into new businesses. 
We hope that this website will provide useful information about our company as well as our products.